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Clear Your Browser Cache in Google Chrome

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Published on Mar 15, 2021

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Originally posted on 10/09/2020

As a software developer, part of my role involves offering third-line support and troubleshooting for the products I work on. In a lot of cases, the problems with our online/web-based products can be resolved by clearing the web browsers cache and force the browser to requested to most up-to-date/patched assets to resolve the issue.

The problem I face here, is that simply saying “refresh your cache” to our users is poor advice if have no idea what that means or how to go about doing so, and quite often I find myself typing out bespoke instructions on how to do so based on the user and the issue.

So, to better serve our users (and reduce the amount of time I spend repeating myself) – here are some generic instructions on how to do so for yourself across the major web browsers. I intend to cover the desktop one’s first and will revise this post with instructions for others as soon as possible!

Google Chrome (including Brave and other Chromium-based web browsers)

  • Click on the three dots in the top-right of Chrome and choose Settings in the dropdown menu -that will take them to the following screen: google-cache-1.png

  • Within the settings page, they need to scroll to the bottom and click the Advanced dropdown to show more settings: google-cache-2.png

  • Scroll down to “Clear browsing data” in the “Privacy and security” box google-cache-3.png

  • Ensure to choose a period that includes the first time the product was acced (1 month is usually enough)

  • Make sure “Cached images and files” is checked and optionally (but recommended) “Cookies and other site data”

  • Click “Clear data” then attempt to relaunch the product – if done correctly the old version of the content/product should have been cleared from the browser and the new working version will be cached in its place.

And that’s it – all being well you should have emptied your web browser’s cache and be able to carry on with whatever you were doing before you needed to perform these steps in the first place!

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